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Universal Benefits of Coaching

"Stand Up and Speak Up"

Learn Assertiveness, Boundaries and Communication through coachingAssertiveness

Life Coaching will help you learn the gentle yet effective art of Assertiveness! Becoming assertive will show you:

  • How you can stand up for yourself
  • Ways you can be treated better by other people
  • How to have a more balanced life
  • Eliminate stressful situations in your life
  • How to "Rise above your raising"
  • How to keep from being emotionally cut off at your knees by other people
  • Ways to challenge yourself for individual growth
  • Ways to positively engage others to negotiate, influence and truly hear others concerns to respond appropriately
  • How to ask for what all you want
  • How to be truly happy and peaceful in your living
  • How to reclaim your personal power to enhance self esteem, self worth for yourself, others and your children


Boundaries, immoveable ones, are as necessary to our body as fuel to an engine. Through life coaching, you will learn to set clear, distinct boundaries and communicate to others:

  • You will only live to your standards, not others
  • You know how to live a full functioning, happy life
  • You alone are in control of your life and personhood
  • You know how to protect yourself
  • You can freely state what you want or need
  • What you will tolerate and expect from others
  • You are on a path of success, health and happiness


Communication amongst others openly and honestly is vital. Coaching others to communicate clearly will:

  • Be truthful and effective
  • Assist all of us in our own wellness
  • Bring about more quality in your life
  • Help you get what you want
  • Create more positive and healthy self affirmations
  • Demonstrate helpful, positive techniques for enabling win-win situations with others

It’s time for you to get the most out of life! Contact Life Coach Bob Riley today for a complimentary coaching session. Together we can formulate your plan of success. Enjoy the benefits of life coaching.