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"Strengthen Your Family"

Build a stronger family with life coachingLife Coach Bob Riley is very dedicated and committed to helping families create a less stressful, higher functioning, more positive and healthier bond amongst one another. This is to ensure a more productive future while making enjoyable memories together to reflect back on.

  • What kind of future do you want for your family?
  • Is your family system working well together?
  • What are you needing to have a happy, well balanced family unit?

Today’s families are faced with many pressures, struggles, and demands. Pressure to succeed, struggles with finances, behavior or discipline, and demand on time, energies, patience and coping skills.

Here are four "focus areas" to help strengthen your family:

Families need to have rules in place to help govern the structure of how they operate and establish the guidelines of what to expect. Do you have yours in place and if so are they being followed? These will bring respect, order, leadership and understanding to all members.
No matter what, each person is to always receive love for just being who they are and being a family member. Any behavior or outbursts are to be handled separately, however just for "being" they get to be loved.
This is something parents promote for their family to teach them "how" to trust themselves and others. Are you being truthful and factual to one another to help promote this? We give this to ourselves first before others.
Parents, as authority figures in children’s lives, prepare them to become good leaders by having respect for themselves first and then demonstrating that to others. Being properly guided and not controlled is essential in setting their firm boundaries in place. Have you considered initiating newer and more effective discipline in your family? Healthy and appropriate discipline techniques are necessary so as to not diminish their self worth or self esteem long term. Short term punishments are ineffective methods for teaching and role modeling a long lasting sense of wellness.

It’s time for you to strengthen your family! Contact Life Coach Bob Riley today for a complimentary coaching session. Together we can formulate a plan of success for your family. Enjoy the benefits of life coaching.