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Telephone Coaching


What is telephone coaching?
How does it work?Connecting through telephone coaching is effective

Telephone coaching is a means for people to genuinely connect with each other to discuss issues. It is extremely effective because:

  • It is convenient and portable.
  • Anyone owning a phone can participate.
  • It works well because of the relaxed nature of the process.
  • It is accountable for both parties.
  • Multiple people can utilize this ability
  • People look forward to their calls.

How do you benefit from telephone coaching?

Clients utilizing this "Laser Like Telecoaching Approach" will benefit by:

  • The familiar convenience of their office or home location.
  • The privacy of where they call from.
  • Not having to leave work figuring time to travel to and from.
  • The relaxed atmosphere of their location.
  • The stress of not having to be face to face if that is an issue.
  • Freeing them up to be more open and communicative.
  • No deadlines or rushing around
  • Being taught more effective listening skills.
  • Eliminating any distractions.
  • Feeling extremely comfortable in their own surroundings.

The ongoing popularity of coaching by telephone has become very contagious in many professions. If you are interested in focusing on topics as important as your life or personal self, Contact Life Coach Bob Riley for a complimentary coaching session. Let's discover how telephone coaching can work in your life.