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Governor's Point of Light Award

Coaching and Empowering Women

"Communication and Relationship Building"

The Power of Women

Empowering women to fulfill themselvesOne of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of my coaching is being an advocate for women and sharing empowerment skills.

In my life, women have taught me the ways to honor myself, demonstrating a sense of being yet having a generous heart.

Empowering Women to Utilize their Strengths

Women freely express needs and desires through one of their greatest powers, the way they use their words. They utilize this power in their two greatest abilities

In my humble opinion these are the foundation of their strengths.

Women’s ability to clearly exhibit their joys, happiness, grace and confidence could very well help men to soar to THEIR own higher plane through adopting some of the ways these are being role modeled.

I believe Diane Mariechild said it clearly, "A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to nurture and transform."

Empowering Women to Regain Self-Worth

Women who have unfortunately have become too powerless, submissive, manipulated or experiencing victimhood of some kind, are gently led back, through empowerment coaching, to their self worth, honor, and self respect. Through coaching, you too can be motivated to

  • Step out of your self limiting beliefs
  • Reclaim the power and balance you deserve, while never again having to pay a price for your own personal joy

It has been said that by teaching a woman something she helps change the world.

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